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In THE COMMON GARDEN, a young couple find a summer rental on a charming block of brownstones in Manhattan.
In the back court, the fences have been taken down and the long, narrow patches of green have been turned into a
community garden. Robin and Paul don't notice at first that now every back door opens into every other back door.
And it takes them much longer to realize that the block association is not a civic but a sexual organization.

THE COMMON GARDEN is a spellbinding tale of erotic evil, as irresistibly seductive as it is absolutely chilling.


“ELEGANTLY WRITTEN, sparkling with intelligence, Martha Moffett’s novel presents a young, naive married
woman from Ohio who spends a summer in a borrowed brownstone on New York’s East Side and
discovers who she is–or, more importantly, is not.” –Barbara Dinerman author of “H”: A NOVEL

“MARTHA MOFFETT is a feminist Edgar Allan Poe!” –Kevin T. McEneaney author of
Tom Wolfe’s America: Heroes, Pranksters, and Fools

“THE READER WILL be seduced by this smorgasbord of sexual encounters. . .Ms. Moffett’s limpid, crystalline
prose enhances her erotica.” –Rosemary Jones Co-Founder, Key West Literary Seminar

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