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A Flower Pot Is Not a Hat (Dutton 1973). A popular children's book; also other children's titles.

The Common Garden (Berkley 1977). First novel; the block association on a street of Manhattan brownstones turns out to be not a civic but a sexual society.

Your Child's Teeth by Stephen Moss (Houghton Mifflin 1977). First ghostwriting; an alternate Book of the Month Club selection.

The Sharing (Avon 1984). Horror was in fashion. My contribution: ritual cannibalism.

Keepaway (Bantam 1989). A woman on the run from a cruel and determined husband.

Mr. Technicolor (Magicimage Filmbooks 1993). Ghostwriting; the autobiography of Herbert Kalmus, inventor of Technicolor.

Park Bench Women (Electronpress, 1995). A play about women who form lasting bonds while their children play in a Manhattan park.

Dead Rock Singer (Chattahoochee Review). Novella, collected in Best American Mystery Stories 2000, Houghton Mifflin.

So Handsome, So Clever, So Gone (New York Times, Oct. 8, 2005). Essay.

Work Is the Only Practical Consolation for Having Been Born (Studio Theatre of Wellington, 2008; Luna Stage, 2015). Short play.

Picnic in Eden (CreateSpace, 2012). A young single mom has one of the last rent-controlled apartments on upper Park Avenue, and she faces losing it - until an international art dealer makes her an offer she can't refuse.

Dead Rock Singer (CreateSpace, 2013). An obsessed fan and a lovely, fragile ex-wife. What are the odds the two will meet?

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Martha is camera-phobic, partly because of a long-held conviction that she looks like the Queen in the 12th century chess set found near Uig, Isle of Lewis. And not just in looks, but also in attitude; the Queen's slightly defensive posture, wide-eyed stare, shock of hand lifted to the cheek seem to convey a similar outlook on life.

A surreptitious snapshot by poet Charles Scheitler has been found of the Sunday morning New York Times and Coffee group, an informal gathering that's been going on forever. That's Martha in sunglasses. A member of the group, artist Ray Neubert, unaware of Martha's obsession with the Lewis Queen, sketched her last year and the result was found to be an equally valid portrait of both.

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